With Anderson’s Recent Loss, Is Georges St Pierre Next?


With everyone still trying to collect their thoughts from the main event of UFC 162 and the fact that Anderson Silva lost for the first time in the UFC. It has us wondering about who’s next to lose their belt and cause havoc within the mixed martial arts community. Even though we heard fighters Chris Weidman to defeat Anderson Silva, nobody could of guessed what would end up happening that night.

The question is now. Who is next to lose their championship? Georges St Pierre has to defend his championship against arguably the toughest contender that he will be facing to date. Johny Hendricks has the wrestling and the knock out power to give St Pierre the fight of his life.

GSP was always relied on his wrestling pedigree to dictate the fight and produce the kind of fight that he excels in. His best fights are always a technical bout, getting his opponent on the ground and wear him out for the duration of the bout. It would be as easy this time around. Yeah, he defeated Josh Koscheck, who was an all-american in wrestling but Hendricks is a different breed of wrestler. Wrestling for Oklahoma State and training under Dan Gable makes you a whole different animal on the mat.

We’ve seen his hands do wonders inside the UFC as well. His knockout wins over Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann showed that he only needs one punch to end a fighter’s night.

Georges St Pierre may be one of the greatest welterweights of all time, but his time at the top could end up being just like Anderson Silva’s, working his way back up.