Frank Mir Shouldn’t Pull Guard Against Josh Barnett


Frank Mir is one of the best heavyweights on the planet. He’s been able to compete with some of the best and is the longest tenured heavyweight in the UFC currently. He’s competing against one of the most controversial heavyweights around in Josh Barnett in Milwaukee at UFC 164. One of Barnett’s coaches, Erik Paulsen, had some strong words for Frank Mir and it has to do with his guard.

“This is not a case of who’s better and who’s worse, it’s a case of who’s on the up slope and who’s on the down slope and who’s in better shape. Frank’s on the way down and Josh is coming in, so he’s going to be on his way up. There’s a lot of pressure on Frank because he has to win. Being a great commentator as he is, being a big part of the UFC as he has been, a good poster child, win or lose he’ll still remain in the UFC because he’s still a great contender and a force to be reckoned with. He’s got a good ground game. Josh loves to rip people’s legs off and Frank prides himself on leg locks, also. This will be exciting. But all I can say, is be careful pulling guard.”

If there’s one thing about Frank Mir, he’s not scared to get in anybody’s guard. He’s defeated Antonio Nogueira and Brock Lesnar within his guard. He was even able to take the limb of Tim Sylvia.

Don’t be surprised if he’s able to pull guard and take another limb home with him.