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Chael Sonnen: Jon Jones Fight Was Stopped Too Early


Chael Sonnen is always looking for ways to keep him in the spotlight. He’s one of the more entertaining fighters currently active in the UFC, and he continues to make outlandish statements that continue to catch our attention. Chael Sonnen recently lost to Jon Jones in a one-sided beatdown and successfully defended his UFC light heavyweight championship.

He was a part of the Q&A for UFC 162 and he believes that fight should of lasted longer:

“Anytime you’re in that type of competition, whether you agree with it or you don’t agree with it, you get up and you walk out because those are the rules,” he said.  “I’ve won plenty of fights where they stopped them too early, so it goes both ways.  Yes, it was stopped too early.”

“You’ve got to understand, I stayed to fight.  I walked out of the ring.  That’s more than I can say for Jon Jones,” said Sonnen.  “I stayed to fight.  His little piggy ran to the market.  And I’m supposed to somehow be impressed because he got a couple of takedowns?

“I’d sure like to do it again.”

Of course he’s like to do it again. He was so close to winning the UFC title by default, and I’m sure he would be okay with that. Jones suffered a nasty separated big toe during the bout and if it would of gone past the second round, the doctors would of declared Jones unable to compete. Chael Sonnen would of been the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Fortunately for us, Chael has a long road ahead of him before he gets another title shot anytime soon.