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Tito Ortiz Teases Comeback


Looks like the retirement of Tito Ortiz could end up being a short one to say the least. Tito announced his retirement prior to his bout with rival Forrest Griffin at UFC 148. Forrest was able to take the final victory to end their trilogy by decision. Many people remember this bout more because of the antics that Forrest displayed after the bout. He ran out of the cage thinking that he lost the bout and he decided to give the final interview to Tito Ortiz and not let Joe Rogan proceed in his normal duties.

Tito recently went to twitter to announce his thought of returning to the cage:

Fighting is starting to sound fun again. #Peopleschamp #comeback #Positive body is almost healed. @Punishment99 @ufc @Viacom @MTV @espn. Come backs are always the best test! Live life to the fullest. Nice 2be a free agent. Need 2make a big decision 4my future 4my kids future. Nice 2 have a great surrounding and 2be healthy.

It’s best if Tito sticks to his management firm and his clothing company. There’s no need to see Tito compete in the cage ever again. He was a pioneer and his hall of fame induction was completely well respected through fans and media alike.

He just doesn’t have what it take to compete with the top dogs and he will be looking to make a significant amount of income for his bouts. Organizations don’t want to pay a hefty price tag for a fighter who’s no longer in the prime of his career.

Sorry Tito, just lay low and enjoy the fruit of your labors. No need to see you take a loss anymore.