Anderson Silva Wants Rematch, Badly


Looks Like Anderson Silva has changed his tune as of late. The man who just recently lost his UFC middleweight championship is ready to make his way back to the octagon and wants to win his gold back. A lack of respect cost Anderson his championship, as showboating against an elite athlete like Chris Weidman proved to be the downfall in the bout. He lost by knock out in the second round.

According to MMA Fighting, he wants the fight as soon as possible:

“According to sources very close to the former UFC middleweight champion, Silva changed his tune about not fighting Weidman again just hours after he was knocked out by Weidman at UFC 162 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The sources said they have never seen Silva so motivated to fight someone, and that a little over 24 hours after the loss Silva was jokingly wishing the rematch could happen this week. That’s how badly he wants to avenge his loss to Weidman.”

If this is true, then this is the perfect scenario for the UFC. Chris Weidman is a future superstar in the making. If he can defeat Anderson a second time, without any questions or showboating. Then there will be no doubt that he’s the best middleweight in the world. Seeing Anderson coming in as a challenger and not a champion is a huge deal in itself.

Be prepared for one epic rematch. Anderson needed a spark to fuel his mixed martial arts career and it looks like he found it.