Ronda Rousey: Wants A Little Love From Other WMMA Fighters


Ronda Rousey put women’s mixed martial arts on the map. If you disagree, then you must of been living in a cave the past years. The UFC and Dana White more importantly didn’t believe that women would ever compete in the UFC. Boy have times have changed. Ronda knows that she was the key component in bringing these ladies in the UFC and letting them showcase their skills. She just wants a little recognition. Is that too hard to ask?

She discussed her thoughts with Bleacher Report:

“It’s amazing and it really works out fortunately that these girls are a lot better off now,” Rousey told Bleacher Report. “It’s great that women can actually make careers now in mixed martial arts and make good money doing what they love to do. But I know they haven’t really given me very many props for it, and that’s cool because I haven’t done it for appreciation. I’ve done it for myself and I have my own selfish motives too.

“I can’t really hate on them too much but it would be nice to hear it without a grain of salt from Alexis Davis for once or after the women’s debut in the UFC, Cat Zingano wasn’t saying, ‘eh…there are a lot of holes in her game.’ At the same time, it’s not something I’m expecting. We are competitors and competitive by nature. I don’t expect them to be bringing me sunshine, lollipops and daisies when all they want to do is smash my face in and take everything I’ve so hard to accomplish. At least they are being real about it.”

You can’t blame Ronda for believing the way she does. Ronda has a huge target on her back and it’s in the form of the only female UFC championship. She should focus on that first and foremost and let the ladies lack of recognition be an afterthought. She’s the best and they all know it.

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