Jon Jones: Anderson Abused His Gift

(Photo Courtesy via Esther Lin/

Fans were anticipating the biggest super fight that mixed martial arts can produce in the modern era. A bout between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. It all came crashing to a halt this past weekend, Anderson got knocked out in the second round against Chris Weidman and now the fight is more of a what if, then anything else.

Jon Jones was ringside when the upset took place and during the UFC 165 pre-fight press conference about what went wrong for Anderson Silva:

“I think that Anderson Silva is a magnificent fighter. I think that he has an extraordinary gift,” Jones began. “I think that he’s gotten to the point where he really believes in his gift, he’s comfortable with his gift, and he abused his gift.

“He disrespected his gift by disrespecting his opponent. Martial arts is hugely a sport that is based on honor and integrity and treating people with respect and he somehow lost sight of that. He paid quite the price for it.”

He certainly paid the price indeed. Anderson Silva lost for the first time in seven years and looked human for once. There will certainly be a rematch and when it happens, let’s hope that we are able to witness the Anderson Silva of old and not the one who decides to disrespect his opponents and take them lightly.

If we ever want to see a fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, we have to see Anderson Silva defeat Chris Weidman, earn his middleweight championship back, and do it decisively.