Chael Sonnen’s Ridiculous Demands Of A New UFC Contract


Chael Sonnen will always be one of the more interesting characters in all of mixed martial arts. In his mind, it’s always the Chael P. Sonnen show. Chael did a Q&A during international fight week, prior to UFC 162. Let’s just say these are pretty ridiculous.

1. Jello Biafra replaces Bruce Buffer as ring announcer.

2. Every fight I am in must be a No. 1 contender fight or a title fight. If I lose, I get an immediate rematch until I win.

3. No media can look me in the eye or they will be removed from the room.

4. Headset legalized through the commission, so I can call my own fights.

5. No longer will I walk to the ring, I need to be carried.

6. Keys to your least favorite Ferrari.

7. I can Skype or Facetime my fights if I don’t feel like flying.

8. Tell GSP to quit being such a dick; I’ll return his truck when I’m done with it.

You got to love Chael Sonnen. How could you not want Bruce Buffer introducing you inside the octagon? Don’t act like you wouldn’t want to hear Chael’s own commentary during his own fights.

Chael has always been entertaining and it looks like we are getting the same typical kind of dialogue he usually presents.

What do you guys think? Are these demands too much or should Chael Sonnen get whatever he wants. Please don’t take the last sentence too seriously. It’s a joke.