Ed Soares Says No To Conspiracy Theory


Ed Soares has always been behind Anderson Silva and his career. For people to say that he threw the fight with Chris Weidman and lost on purpose is ridiculous to say the least. Ed Soares is another person who doesn’t believe that Anderson lost on purpose.

He said it best on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani:

“People have all these conspiracy theories. It’s stupid. It’s nonsense. Yeah … I plan to get knocked out. C’mon. Who plans to get knocked out like that? If he was planning to do that that, why wouldn’t he just have tapped to the leglock? C’mon. I’m going to plan to get knocked out? That’s ridiculous. Anderson doesn’t like to lose, he just got knocked out. Take nothing away from Chris Weidman. ‘Oh, that was a lucky shot.’ Well, you know what? 100 percent of the punches you don’t throw, don’t land. He threw a punch and it landed.”

To a certain extent, Anderson Silva is probably relieved that he no longer possesses the UFC middleweight championship. Being champion for as long as he’s been can be exhausting in the long run. Not saying that he intentionally tried to lose his belt, but fighters like Matt Hughes even said when they were no longer champion. It helped them get their competitive drive back. It’s much harder to defend a champion, then work up the ranks and win the title for the first time.

Anderson got knocked out. That’s just the way it is. Fans can think whatever they want. They are entitled to their own opinions. There’s just no way that Anderson Silva would throw away a fight so he can no longer be a UFC champion.