Dana White: Anderson Got Caught


There are plenty of conspiracy theories that supposedly the  main event of UFC 162 was fixed. Don’t consider Dana White a fan of that theory. The fight happened the way it happened. Plain and simple. Anderson Silva’s antics were a little disrespectful to a certain degree, but Dana asks the question. If Anderson would of won, would the criticism be the same?

He was typical Dana White at the UFC 162 Post-fight conference:

“Anderson Silva is so talented. The guy knows what he’s capable of doing. The guy knows what kind of punishment he’s capable of taking. If he won tonight, we’d all be going, ‘Holy shit, I’ve never seen anything like that. He’s the greatest.'” He got clipped tonight. He decided to fight the way he wanted to fight. We’ve seen this before when he does this and it’s part of the reason he’s been called great and everything else, the things he’s capable of doing. But tonight it caught up with him. I don’t think I saw anything tonight where, the big question heading into today was, “When does Anderson Silva show up and look 38 years old?” He looked great tonight right up until the end.”

Anderson Silva needs to stop showboating for a while, especially after this loss. The rematch needs to happen, so we can decisively know who the best middleweight in the world is. There’s one person who is definitely excited about making this match happen. Dana White. The numbers for a rematch of this magnitude should do amazing numbers for the UFC.