Chris Leben Wont Relapse After Last Loss


Chris Leben is one of the most popular middleweights in the UFC. His in-your-face style has been praised by fans but it looks like his style is not working well with the new generation of UFC fighters. He’s currently on a three fight losing streak and he may not have many mileage left in the tank to compete with the middleweight currently employed by Zuffa.

Dana White gave his input during the UFC 162 Post Fight Press Conference:

“His fight style isn’t healthy for him, the way that he fights. He’s getting up there in age, and the big layoffs don’t help him either. I’ve got to figure out what I think will be best for him, which people hate when I say that and do that.”

He’s looked extremely sluggish as of late. He looks more and more stiff and his combinations are not as fluid as they were a few years ago. Chris Leben went to Twitter to assure his fans that he wont go back to his old tactics after this last loss:

Well, didn’t get the comeback story, but I promise you there will be no relapse story. Gonna stay strong and continue on the path … Can’t leave it up to judges. I of all people know that. Hats off to (Andrew Craig). My life is like a box of chocolate, except some of the pieces are filled with $h*t. LOL. Really, really wanted the W.”

That’s always a good sign. No matter what happens next for the career of Chris Leben. As long as he can stay clean, he’s a winner to us.