Ken Shamrock Calls Out Ian Freeman For Cancelled Fight


Ken Shamrock is still looking for fights in mixed martial arts. Yes, it’s hard to believe it. Trust us. We know. Shamrock is one of the pioneers of the UFC, so there’s still name value for local promotional cards. Ken was supposed to fight against Ian Freeman but it looks like that fight is out of cards for the time being. There’s still a grudge and Shamrock had no problem going after Freeman.

He discussed with UG’s Jack Brown:

“We put a contract together and we made a deal. They came back to me, probably after about four weeks, with the contract that we agreed upon and said that, “We don’t want to do that contract.” Ha-ha. I was just like, “Wait a minute. What did you say?” It’s like I’m from another world sometimes. It’s like, “You made a deal, but you don’t want it no more. You want to pay me less. Okay. That sounds great. Let’s just do it then.”

So that’s the stuff that I have to run into now that I’m kind of independent and doing my own thing. A lot of times I run into that, where people, what they do, which is what they’re doing on this, they put my name on the card. They try to sell tickets as much as they can. Then they’ll come back and say, “Well, listen, we can’t pay you this much,” and think that I’m going to go ahead and fight. Even if I don’t fight, they’ve already got those ticket sales and they’ll just blame it on me. They’ll say, “Shamrock is a no-show.”

Now I’ve got my work cut out for me to get that out there so that I can let people know that this was negotiated a long time ago, and these guys are in breach of contract, and they’re the ones not holding up their end of the bargain. So, like I said, now I have to do my due diligence to let my fans and other people realize that, hey, this is the kind of stuff that goes on. Most of the time I wouldn’t do that, but in this situation they keep selling tickets with me supposedly going to be there to fight. Then when I don’t show, they’re going to blame it on me.”

Makes sense to me. Not all promotions are fancy and dandy. There are plenty of crooked promotions out there and this looks like one of them.