When Anderson Silva Retires, It Will Be Michael Jordan Status

(Anderson "The Spider" Silva, Longtime UFC Middleweight Champion and all time great)

When the times comes for Anderson Silva to hang up, it will certainly be a day that fans will never want to see. The greatest mixed martial arts fighter on the planet finally deciding to pursue other avenues will be a tough pill to swallow for people, especially for Dana White.

Dana White talked to telegraph.co.uk about how Anderson has legendary status and he compares him to one of the best athletes of all time:

“Yeah, I think that’s one of the things people don’t really think about, or realize, but the day that that man says ‘I’m going to retire’ it’s gonna suck. It’s literally like when Michael Jordan went away in basketball. How many games do they have a year in basketball, 80 something games ? Whatever the number is we took it for granted every night Jordan played right up until he left. It’s going to be like that when Anderson decides he has finished.”

Anderson has not many challenges left in the UFC. We all thought that a bout with Georges St. Pierre would be in the works, but GSP just wants to focus on the welterweight division. Anderson has his hands full with Chris Weidman but if he’s successful, there’s not many contenders left.

How many years does Silva have left? You have guys like Vitor Belfort back in contention but unfortunately Anderson destroyed him when they fought the first time.

Hopefully Dana White and Joe Silva can find the right fights for the man so we can see the best bouts we can find for the man known as the spider.