Josh Thomson Wants Showtime And A Title Shot


Josh Thomson is trying everything in his power to work his way up the UFC’s lightweight division and earn himself a title shot against Benson Henderson. He looked amazing in his octagon debut against Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 7 and is looking to compete against the last man to give the current UFC champion his last lost, Anthony Pettis. Both have high octane styles and would make for a great bout on pay per view or even a co-main event on a Fox card.

He discussed his thoughts of Anthony Pettis to MMAJunkie:

“You pull out of 145(-pound) fight, and from what I understand he’s waiting to fight the winner of T.J. and Benson, so I feel like I’m the guy…You need to get through me to get there. I’m the No. 1 contender right now. No one else is…I’m a big fan of Pettis, and I have a lot of respect for him…But I feel like that they hold him on such a high pedestal that he’s the only thing standing between me and a title shot…You can only keep your mouth shut for so long…You want that title, dude. That’s all you want. My whole career has been about that title, and there’s not a bigger title in the f—ing world.”

A bout between Josh and Pettis makes plenty of sense. Both still need that signature win before competing for the championship and Benson is currently tied up with TJ Grant. There’s no doubt that fight will end up being an exciting one and one that fans would love to see.

There’s a grudge there. Make it happen Dana. Make it happen.