Anderson Silva: I Aint Afraid Of No Bones


While Anderson Silva is unsure about defeating Jon Jones in a super fight, he still has no fear of him and would love to tangle in the octagon with him some point in the future. They are both the two most popular fighters in their respective divisions and there’s a chance that they could be each others only threats. Their divisions are getting more and more weak because of the strangleholds they have on their divisions.

“My opinion is this: I’ll fight Jon Jones, all the guys from my class, all the guys that work in the UFC – all the fighters … I respect all the fighters. I respect Jon Jones. I respect Chris Weidman but I’m here for working…I’m not scared of Jon Jones, of Chris Weidman or whoever. I’m here to fight. That’s it. It’s simple.”

Anderson Silva has taken fights from all of the major “threats” in his division for years now. Even fights that he felt made no sense. Thales Leites or Patrick Cote anyone? It looks like he’s not changing his stance now. While his career may be in the twilight stages. There are still plenty of opportunities for the man known as The Spider.

Is Jon Jones the next best choice for Anderson or should he continue to defend his belt against the middleweights of the division. Perhaps a bout with Rashad Evans would be suffice for arguably the greatest fighter to ever compete in the octagon.