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Chris Weidman: “You’re Going To Have To Go Through Hell To Break Me”


Chris Weidman looks to become the man who defeats arguably the greatest fighter of all time. UFC 162 presents Weidman with an opportunity for the young and hungry middleweight to make history. He’s so confident going into his bout with Silva that he believes that Anderson will have to throw everything but the kitchen sink to try and put him away.

He discussed with MMAFighting how he can’t be broken:

“If you go in the cage with insecurities, he’s going to feed on it, he’s going to mess with you,” he said. “He’s going to make that insecurity grow and make you feel, ‘Wow, I really don’t belong in the cage with this guy, he can knock me out any time he wants.’ You see guys melt down, almost give up because they’re so mentally beaten. Well, he’s going to have to go through hell to do that to me.”

It sounds like this fight at UFC 162 will end up being one for the ages. One half of UFC fans think that Weidman has no chance in hell against Anderson Silva. The other half believes that Anderson’s reign at the top is over and Weidman is the future.

This makes for a compelling battle. Old school vs new school. Anderson has proven time and time again that he’s still got it. Has father time finally caught up with the greatest fighter on the planet or does he still have a tricks up his sleeve?