Anderson Silva Doesn’t Believe He Would Defeat Jon Jones


The super fight. The fight that fans have been wanting for years now. Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, to see who truly is the best fighter on the planet. A potential passing the torch moment. From one generation to another. A fight that will no doubt bring awesome revenue for the UFC. When it comes to the actual fight, Anderson Silva believes he knows who would walk away victorious if that fight ever transpired.

He discussed his prediction to mmafighting:

“Jon Jones, in his class, is the best, Silva said. “If I fight Jon Jones, I’m don’t think I’m going to win.”

“Jon Jones is different,” Silva said. “He’s large. He’s young. But, in the fight, I see in Jon Jones, I see myself from a long time ago. He’s very smart.”

When it comes to having any sort of advantage against the UFC light heavyweight champion, there’s only one that he sees:

“I don’t know,” Silva said. “In my opinion, Spider has more experience than Jon Jones, but that’s the only advantage.”

As much as we want to see this fight. Anderson is hitting the decline of his career. Sure he’s still undefeated inside the octagon, but there are opportunities that Anderson is looking at pursuing throughout his career. He may of signed a 10 fight extension but it’s highly unlikely that he will be fighting for much longer.

After UFC 162, Anderson has plenty of decisions that he has to make and it looks like fighting Jon Jones is not one of them.