Anderson Silva Gets Rematch If Weidman Is Victorious

    (Anderson "The Spider" Silva, Longtime UFC Middleweight Champion and all time great)

    Anderson Silva is one the best fighters of all time. With all of the hoopla surrounding him about father time catching up with him and that Chris Weidman could be the one to dethrone him. Dana White has made it simple. If somehow he loses, he will be granted an automatic rematch with Weidman for the middleweight championship.

    He discussed this with MMAJunkie:

    “I’d do the rematch the next fight. Guy hasn’t lost in the UFC ever, has beat everybody. He loses that fight, he’s the guy for a rematch if he wants it.”

    It’s well deserved. Maybe time is catching up for Anderson Silva. He’s never lost during his tenure in the UFC and he holds almost every major record there is to hold for the company.

    Anything can happen in mixed martial arts. Anderson Silva could end up looking phenomenal against Chris Weidman and embarrassing the young superstar. Just like he’s done so far in his career, or we could end up witnessing the first loss to the “superman” like middleweight champion.

    We will just have to wait and see what happens this weekend. Luckily for us, they have a couple game plans after this weekend to ensure us the best fights possible.