Ronda Rousey Is Pulling For Anderson Silva At UFC 162


There are plenty of fighters who are saying that Anderson Silva will lose his championship to Chris Weidman this weekend at UFC 162. Don’t call Ronda Rousey one of them. During a recent Metro PCS fan chat. The topic of the main event for UFC 162 came up and she is rooting for the pound for pound best fighter in the world:

“Being that Anderson is, I think, towards the end of his career, I’m going to have to just pull for Anderson just because it’s like the end of it.  I kind of want him to go out hot,” said Rousey.  “Chris Weidman has an amazing future ahead of him.  He’s going to be around long after Anderson Silva leaves.  And I think that once Anderson vacates the division that Chris Weidman, it’s very likely that he’ll hold onto the belt for a while.  But you never know.”

Anderson Silva has his work cut out for him this weekend. This could very well be the biggest threat to his UFC middleweight championship ever. Chris Weidman is no joke and has the wrestling and top game to make it a difficult night for the champion.

One person who believes that Anderson will come out on top is Ronda Rousey. What do you guys think? Who takes it this weekend at UFC 162?