Vitor Belfort: You Have To Earn The Right To Fight Me


Vitor Belfort recently heard about Gegard Mousasi’s attempt in calling him out on the form of social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Looks like Belfort’s having none of it unfortunately. Vitor Discussed with Sherdog his thoughts about Gegard Mousasi and whether he’s worthy or not to fight a “champion” like Vitor Belfort:

“If you want to fight Vitor Belfort, you have to earn it,” he said. “I don’t like it how people are using Twitter trying [to make their own fights]. I want to fight for the belt — that’s my goal. That’s the goal of a fighter, that’s the goal of an athlete in the UFC. That’s the goal of Vitor Belfort — I’m a winner, I’m a champion. That’s what I want, that’s what I’m fighting for. … If Mousasi wants to fight someone, go fight Luke Rockhold, go fight Michael Bisping. He has to prove himself.”

Vitor has had a stellar run during his time in the UFC. Having only lost to Jon Jones and Anderson Silva during his current stint in the UFC. As much as Belfort believes he should be fighting the winner of Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, a bout between him and Mousasi makes plenty of sense.

Too many fighters believe that they get to decided whether fighters are worthy or not to fight against them. It doesn’t matter, if Joe Silva and Dana White believe its a great match up. Then have them fight.

Will Belfort fight against Mousasi next? Not entirely sure, but it makes perfect sense and its a bout that can produce fireworks in the middleweight division.