Rampage Jackson: UFC Wanted Me To Lose To Chuck


We all know that Rampage Jackson never had the greatest relationship with Dana White during his time in the UFC. He decided to take on a movie role instead of competing in the octagon against arch rival Rashad Evans at UFC 107. Now that he’s joined the bellator organization, he has been laying out all of his dirty laundry to the public. He believes he was brought into the UFC for him to lose to Chuck Liddell. He recently talked to Damon Martin of Bleacher Report about what transpired:

” Dana Whitereally wanted me because I was the last guy Chuck (Liddell) wanted to get his revenge on,” Jackson explained when speaking to Bleacher Report. “Everybody was really nice to me, I’m telling you when I beat up Marvin Eastman, everybody, people behind the scenes at the UFC they’re really like a big family.

“Chuck was part of the family. They was all really nice to me, like a hog going to the slaughter, and then after I beat Chuck right away like 90 percent of them hated my guts. They didn’t talk to me no more, they didn’t smile at me when I came back there, it made me feel awkward.

“You can tell when people don’t like you. Especially being a black man born and raised in the South in America, you can tell when people don’t like you,” Jackson said. “It’s just a skill that you get. I’m not saying people’s racist or stuff or not, I’m just telling you when you deal with that, you can tell when people don’t like you.”

Whether its true or not, remains to be seen. It seemed like Rampage’s ego got in the way for some of his time in the UFC, maybe he’s right about the other things.Who knows?