Ronda Rousey: TUF 18 Is Exhausting


Ronda Rousey is still currently filming the newest season of The Ultimate Fighter with arch rival, Miesha Tate. She recently discussed her thoughts of the whole season and how challenging it is as a coach to watch the heart break and mental breakdowns of her team:

“It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, and it’s a lot more emotionally taxing than I thought it would be,” she said. “You care a lot about these kids, and I just feel like any kind of heartbreak or triumph or whatever they’re going through, I share in it. It’s exhausting to go through that over and over and over with every competitor.”

She also discussed why she believes the UFC went with Tate after Zingano’s injury deemed her unable to compete:

“The draw of Miesha is the drama, and the draw of Cat is her athleticism and record,” said Rousey, who said she still hopes to fight Zingano at some point.”

Ronda understands that Miesha beings viewership to TUF with their rivalry but she would still like to face with Zingano at some point. In the long run, this makes sense as a business for the UFC, Zingano will get her shot at gold. She just has to wait for Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate to get through TUF and their rematch in december.