Nate Quarry: No Negotiating Power


With Tim Kennedy and his recent rants about low pay within in the UFC, former stars and current employees are giving their opinion and their stance about whats going on with UFC and their pay scale. Nate Quarry also gave his opinion to Bloody Elbow:

“Well, they’re very unsatisfied. They have next to no negotiating power whatsoever. One big organization basically dictates whatever happens.”

He also discussed his thoughts about being in the UFC and how proud fighters should be to be able to walk into the octagon:

“Everyone wants to fight in the UFC. I know I am very proud I fought in the UFC. But you still want another option. The Lakers pay someone like Kobe so much because they have to, otherwise another team will take him away. In MMA, that doesn’t exist. Everyone that was it – Strikeforce, PRIDE, Pro Elite, the IFL – they’ve gone out of business or been bought up by the UFC.”

Nate Quarry makes some sense. The only option besides the UFC is Bellator. They have their own problems as of late. Taking a huge gamble with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and the horrible publicity with Eddie Alvarez and their ongoing court dispute.

The UFC is the top dog. If you don’t like the hand that’s been dealt. Don’t sign the contract then.

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