Matt Brown Says He Would Destroy Georges St. Pierre


    Matt Brown competes against Thiago Alves at UFC on Fox Sports 1 #1. If victorious, he has plans to compete against GSP and take the welterweight championship with him.

    He discussed his aspirations with Bleacher Report:

    “I would rather beat GSP (as opposed to Hendricks) since he’s probably going to be a hall-of-famer, a living legend: I want to beat the legend. GSP would not stand with me and would definitely look to take me down, but my wrestling is on a completely different level from what people have seen from me. I’ve been training with the Ohio ROTC wrestling team for years now, guys with Olympic aspirations, the best wrestling team in America. I don’t think GSP can wrestle as well as any of those guys. I think he’d be scared to get close enough to hit me because I’m not going to avoid anything he throws. I’m going to step right in the pocket and throw down. He’s not going to have any option but to be on the feet with me. Even if he has the skills to stand, he would not be able to handle my pressure, tenacity and desire to win. I think I’m one of the worst match ups for GSP. Everyone thinks I’m delusional and crazy for thinking that, but I know who I am. If I go in there the best I can be, I know I’d destroy GSP. When I come in against GSP, I’m going in to take the belt from him, I’m not going to play around with the world title on the line. I’m 110-percent confident, if I show up at my best, he does not stand a chance in hell against me. This match up with Thiago (Alves) is a far tougher match up for me than GSP.”

    What do you guys think? Is Matt Brown a little full of himself or is he the one to take over the throne of welterweights from Georges St. Pierre?