Mike Pierce Eyes Top Competition After UFC 162


Next weekend, Mike Pierce competes on the preliminary portion of the UFC 162 under card. If plans go the way he wants next, he will be looking at fighting a top ten fighter and making his up the UFC welterweight rankings.

He recently spoke with MMAmania about what’s next in store for him and who he wants next:

“Yeah, I want to win in dramatic fashion. I want to make a statement. I’m kinda pissed off. (laughs) Like I said, I want to get back to where I was with that Koscheck fight. I kinda had some momentum there and had I got my hand raised and got the victory, I’d have been on to bigger and better things. Right now, I’m opening for UFC 162 on the preliminary card and that’s not where I want to be on the card. Yeah, I want to out there and end this fight quickly in dramatic fashion and move my way back up where I think I need to be.”

Mike Pierce has competed against some of the best in the division but has ultimately fell short. Bouts against Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck were competitive bouts but not enough for him to earn the “W”.

There are two opponents that he has in mind after UFC 162:

“There’s two guys that come to mind and that would be Jake Ellenberger and Carlos Condit. I think both of those guys are tough and both of those guys can be beat and they’re both really relevant fighters right now.”

He would have to make quite the statement to earn a fight with either Ellenberger or Condit. UFC 162 is next weekend. Let’s see if he makes a splash.