Rampage Jackson: Spike TV Made The UFC


Rampage Jackson and the UFC have certainly parted ways in an ugly manner. Rampage had no problem bashing his former employer and even when he was employed, he tried everything in his power to get himself out of his contract. Looks like there’s no love lost as Jackson is still bashing the UFC.

He talked to Sherdog about why he feels Bellator will be just fine and why the UFC became such a big company in the first place:

“…I think Bellator is actually going to come up,” Jackson said. “You’ve got to think about it. Spike TV is what made the UFC. The UFC wouldn’t be where it is without Spike TV.”

Rampage is correct to an extent. Spike TV did take a gamble with having the first season of The Ultimate Fighter and the UFC really did explode from there. Even the UFC knows how lucky they were and how far they’ve come.

The only concern is can Spike provide that answer for Bellator as well? We’ve already noticed a significant drop in viewership since they decided to move to friday nights and not have impact wrestling come on before their tournaments.

It looks like Bellator has a long way to go before being compared to the UFC. Hopefully Spike can turn things around for the struggling organization. The UFC is not going anywhere. Everyone else, there’s a long road ahead.