Tim Kennedy: The UFC Doesn’t Pay Well


When making your UFC debut, it is usually smart to not bash your company prior to your fight. Tim Kennedy didn’t learn that lesson. Kennedy spoke to Callum Leslie of placetobenation about the UFC’s pay scale and how he’s lucky that he’s got another job to keep the money coming for him and his family:

“It’s a good thing I have another job because the UFC doesn’t pay very well,” Kennedy said. “It’s pathetic that so many fighters [have to have other jobs]…I’m one of the three percent of guys in the whole entire sport, and it would be slim pickings to survive off what I make in fighting.”

There are more that goes along with the contract that they sign with the UFC. There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities. Especially being on a card as stacked as UFC 162. Plus there are undisclosed bonuses and pay-per-view percentage opportunities if they can prove to be a successful commodity for the organization.

Tim Kennedy has a huge fight next weekend at UFC 162. He’s competing against Roger Gracie on the main card of the event. There is plenty of exposure for this fight and the sky’s the limit for the winner of this middleweight clash.

Tim Kennedy is a great addition to the UFC. Let’s hope this that this whole scenario doesn’t hurt his standing with Zuffa in the long run.