Does Anderson Silva Have 10 More Fights Left In Him?

(Anderson "The Spider" Silva, Longtime UFC Middleweight Champion and all time great)

Anderson Silva is considered to be one of the best fighters of all time. He owns most of the major records that you can own in the UFC. The next generation of fighters are currently making their way up the UFC ladder. Will Anderson Silva have enough in him to fight 10 more times and compete against the new breed of mixed martial arts?

Looks like Anderson is just taking it a day at a time. During the UFC 162 media conference, he discussed the topic of how many fights he has left and other ventures that he wants to pursue:

“It’s going to come down to my willpower and my desire to still be fighting. I have a lot of things I want to do, a lot of desires and one of them is fighting Roy Jones. We’ll have to see how I feel.”

If Anderson is victorious against Chris Weidman next weekend, the UFC may have to give him a bone and let him box against Roy Jones Jr. There’s not much for Silva to accomplish in the octagon. There’s only a few middleweight contenders worth taking notice and super fights with Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones seems like just myths at this point.

First things first. He needs to defeat the super confident Chris Weidman at UFC 162. If he can do that, then we can find out what’s next for the UFC middleweight champion.