Will Wrestling Be The “It” Factor For Chris Weidman At UFC 162


Chris Weidman has plenty of confidence going into his showdown with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 162. Chael Sonnen showed the world the best way to beat Anderson Silva is with superior wrestling and having some elite Brazilian jiu jitsu defense. If you cant plant the champ on the ground and not get caught in a triangle choke, the championship could end up being yours.

During the UFC 162 media conference, Chris Weidman discusses his game plan and just how crucial he believes his wrestling pedigree will be come fight night:

“The obvious answer is the takedowns, trying to expose him with the wrestling. We’re totally different fighters. I believed I could beat him before that fight. If he’s relaxed and you’re all hesitant, he can get off with what he wants. I thought Chael was too uptight and tense after getting his takedowns and that helped Anderson. He was able to get his triangle choke after the takedown in the fifth round and props to him for that.”

This could end up being one of the more difficult challenges for Anderson Silva. Silva is getting older and there’s not much time left for the legend. The only problem is that we’ve heard this same scenario last year with Chael Sonnen and the rematch.

Never count out the champion. Don’t miss out on this epic middleweight championship clash next weekend at UFC 162 in Las Vegas. Will Chris Weidman pull off the upset of the century? Watch and find out.