Jason Miller Blames Dana White For No Go In NYC


Looks like Jason Miller’s troubled woes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. He recently went to twitter to rant about Dana White, the UFC, and the company as a “monopoly”. He’s always been one of the more interesting characters in mixed martial arts. From the time he freaked out on Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, to vandalizing a church in his birthday suit.

He brought up how the fact that the UFC has no fighter’s union is killing their chances of finally getting mixed martial legalized in New York. He also discussed how he tried to avoid the UFC at all costs and that they aren’t paying for his medical bill for the knee injury he sustained against his bout against CB Dollaway back at UFC 146.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has always been the kind of character who will do whatever it takes to stay in the spot light. Looks like this is just another one of those scenarios.

There’s not much left for Miller to do in mixed martial arts. He burnt his bridge with the UFC and never actually won a bout at all during his two stints in the octagon. Bellator probably wants nothing to do with him because of the antics that he’s shown he’s capable of doing.

Will Miller ever fight again? Probably not. It’s still unfortunate that a fighter with as much potential and star power couldn’t live up to the hype once he made his way to the UFC elite.

We will see what happens next for the man known as Mayhem.