Dana White Calls Out Viacom


Dana White believes the UFC is and will always be the best organization of all time. In his eyes, there’s no competition or no threat to his fighters or his company as a whole. With Viacom on board with Bellator and them having King Mo and Rampage Jackson to their organization. Dana White didn’t shy away from his opinions about how superior the UFC is to Bellator. He discussed his opinion to MMAjunkie:

“They’re never going to be as good as us.”This is what we do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Christmas. Easter. Let Christmas time come. Viacom shuts down from Dec. 3 to after the new year and then all the big holidays in between. Christmas? I’m on the f–king phone on Christmas. Easter? I’m on the phone. Thanksgiving? I’m on the phone. Bad s–t happens in our business every day, and if something real bad happens, I’m on a f–king plane on Christmas Day flying to fix it. That’s the difference between us and everybody else.

“We’re the original. We invested in this thing and believed in it when nobody else did. Viacom MMA, they’re just a ‘me, too.’ They didn’t believe in this thing when we pitched them The Ultimate Fighter. They didn’t believe in it so much that we had to invest $10 million into that show, and then they liked it a lot better after that happened. But they never got it, and they never will.”

What do you guys think Dana White’s assessment?