Nascar And UFC Working Together


Cars going 200 mph and men trying to knock out each other out, now have a common place. Kevin Harvick and Donald Cerrone are now working together under Harvick’s management, KHI. They met a few years ago, while Cerrone was at Texas Motor Speedway.

He discussed what happened that day and why he is joining Kevin Harvick Inc. with MMAjunkie:

“I was at Texas Motor Speedway, and we were drinking beer with some NASCAR drivers. I didn’t know who Kevin Harvick was at the time, but they were handing out Michelob Ultra. I was like, ‘Man, who’s the Budweiser guy? Let’s get that guy over here with some beer.’ Kevin was like, ‘That’s actually me,’ and he brought a case out. That’s how we met.”

“I’m really excited and looking forward to what new sponsorships KHI can bring. If they bring a big sponsor for me, it opens it up for everybody, just like Jon Jones did with Nike. Hopefully we’ll see new sponsors come into the sport and maybe new agencies and representatives as well.”

Donald Cerrone is scheduled to compete against Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC on Fox Sports 1 #2, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both are looking to make their way up to Benson Henderson and his lightweight championship.

Cerrone has been close to a title shot a couple of times during his stint in the UFC. His losses to Nate Diaz at UFC 141 and Anthony Pettis at UFC on Fox 6, derailed his chances at UFC gold.

Will he ever get over the hump and get his title shot? Maybe his partnership with Kevin Harvick will open up new opportunities for him for the time being.