Will Roy Nelson Stay In The UFC?


Roy Nelson is one of the most popular heavyweights of all time. His never-say-die attitude and the fact that knocks out guys left and right makes him a fan favorite. His current contract recently came to an end at UFC 161. Even though he lost to Stipe Miocic, the UFC knows they still need Roy Nelson because the heavyweight division is always so thin and he can help sell tickets.

There are other opportunities for him other than the UFC though. Bellator and Viacom were able to bring Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawel to their organization and they are also part of the Impact Wrestling family. Roy Nelson has openly stated that he would love to be a part of professional wrestling. Would Bellator be able to persuade him into the same kind of contract as Jackson and Lawal?

It wouldn’t be a bad option. We all know that the UFC has a certain set of rules that all fighters have to live by. Going into professional wrestling would be one of them. There’s certainly no problem becoming a Bellator champion, but unfortunately it’s not the same as winning UFC gold.

If Roy Nelson truly wants to make his way to becoming a champion, then staying with the UFC makes the most sense. If he’s just looking to explore professional wrestling and also competing in mixed martial arts, then Bellator.

The ball is really in Roy Nelson’s court. Let’s see what he decides to do with it.