Giovanni Lemm And The Victorium MMA Promotion


Giovanni Lemm is apart of The Victorium MMA promotion out of Virginia, the biggest pro fighting organization in Virginia.

Lemm isn’t just apart of that promotion, he also has his own MMA gym there as well. He’s been in the MMA game since 1996, starting out in Hollywood, CA he trained at the YMCA and just happened to Stephen Quadros. it wasn’t long until Quadros took Lemm under his wing as trainer and manager.

Lemm later became head coach of the Virginia Beach Academy of MMA in 2001 training fighters as well as himself. He was also apart of MAMMA’s Boys (Modern American MMA).

Lemm fought from 1996 to 2009 in 42 fights. He found himself announcing his own fights at one point and then he realized during one fight night, looking across at his opponent announcing himself he thought “What am I doing in here?” That was when he realized he had just lost his spirit to fight. Any fighter can tell you if you lose the spirit everything else tends to fall apart. Lemm said, “I was training to not lose as opposed to win.”

So he went into the showbiz part of MMA. He was promotional director for 16 different promotions as well as DJ’ing and commentator. One in particular was Epic MMA, Lemm was apart of 7 fights, 5 sanctioned and 2 charities.

With Victorium he’s on his 88th “episode” as he calls it. But what’s made his promotion so successful? Lemm has the perspective of a fighter. Most promoters haven’t stepped in a cage, they’ve never fought in a promotion. Lemm knows what fighters go through when it comes to a fight and the promotion. He makes it beneficial to the fighter first instead of them being later down the list of things to do. He shows the fighters how to promote themselves, builds their personalities, helping them reach the next level.

Lemm believes in motivating his fighters to be self sufficient.

He’s seen fighters like Bethany Marshall, Cole Miller (UFC) and George Sheppard. He currently has a few men that he believes will go on to do great things. Donny Ooton, a fighter with a record of 4-0. Lewis Johnson, his fight professional fight he went up against a guy that was 27-4 and took him out. Says he’s one of the most calm, subdued people, you’d never expect the power that comes out of him in a fight.

Fan in Virgina and anyone keeping up with the MMA game, keep a look out for Giovanni Lemm and The Victorium. He’s planning on making this promotion national soon and we’ll be seeing him more often than not.

Check Victorium’s website out for more information: