Anderson Silva Knocks Out Sparring Partner And Gets Angry


It’s a tough life being Anderson Silva’s sparring partner when he knocks you out.

During a training session for his upcoming bout against Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Silva knocked his sparring partner out cold. Of course it was an accident, but Silva got really upset and stormed out of the training session.

According to a Brazil outlet called Portal do Vale Tudo, Silva was creating a simulation in which his guard would be down and he’d be dodging strikes. Seems like Silva was able to complete that simulation with flying colors.

“In the final stretch of training for the long-awaited title defense against Chris Weidman, on the 6th of July in Las Vegas, the sparring workouts of Champion Anderson Silva are on fire. Scheduled to travel Los Angeles on Saturday (22), where he should make his last week of training, Anderson is back to old form. Just ask his teammates from X-Gym, who helped Spider to make five rounds.

As usual, the champion moved a lot, let his guard down and allowed a few hits enter to simulate an unfavorable situation, he recovered in time to dominate the action and win the round.

Even requiring all the fighters at sparring to use shin guards and head guards, the Spider could not avoid an incident in the last round, when he landed a kick to the head of the partner who get knocked out.

Worried, Anderson immediately stopped the training to help the partner. The fellow came to himself, but Anderson, visibly upset, stopped his workout immediately and went to the locker room. “He hates it when these fatalities (injuries?) happen with teammates, so he left upset and didn’t even spoke with Minotauro, who came here today to watch his training,” said coach Ramon Lemos.”