Junior Dos Santos Smack Talks Cain Velasquez’s Punches


Junior Dos Santos, the former UFC heavyweight champ, is talking smack on Cain Velasquez’s punches.

Dos Santos lost against Velasquez and took his title from him at UFC 155 and are expected to have a third bout against each other in October.

The score is tied 1 to 1 with Dos Santos knocking out Velasquez at UFC on FOX 1 and Velasquez beating the crap outta Dos Santos throughout a 5 round unanimous decision at UFC 155.

Dos Santos’ smack talking doesn’t seem to be all there though…

“After my last fight with Velasquez, I was too bloated. My face was completely deformed. I went to the hospital. I had no cuts against Cain Velasquez. He hits like a girl. We say in boxing about people who ‘catch,’ who have that punch that you really feel or that cuts your face or knocks you down. He hit me a lot during the five rounds, but did not open anything, although I finished very swollen and had to go to the hospital.”

We get that he might not have cut Dos Santos open with his punches, but having a “completely deformed” face, in my book, means Velasquez has some pretty good hitting punches. We’ll hopefully get to see the two hash it out one final time at UFC 166.