Seth Petruzelli And “Babalu” Sobral Retire After Bellator Losses


Seth Petruzelli and Renato “Babalu” Sobral are both veterans in the UFC and Bellator. Looks like their mixed martial arts careers are coming to a close. Both recently announced their retirements from losing their last bouts respectively.

Petruzelli was on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter as a heavyweight. He later got eliminated by in the semi-finals by Brad Imes. Seth Petruzelli’s claim to fame was defeating Youtube sensation Kimbo Slice and ending the promotion known as Elite XC in the process. Kimbo was the poster child for the organization and he put an emphatic ending by destroying Kimbo in only 14 seconds.

Babalu Sobral was known most for his time spend in the UFC. He competed against Chuck Liddell twice and one of those times was for Liddell’s light heavyweight championship. He was released from his contract after his win over David Heath at UFC 74. Sobral refused to release his anaconda choke after Heath tapped out because he wanted to treat him some respect. Heath called him a mother f@#ker prior to their bout. Babalu also owns a win over “The American Gangster” Chael P. Sonnen at UFC 55.

Neither fighters made it as the top dog in the UFC, but both played prominent roles in the light heavyweight division.

What do you think? Should they retire? What are your fondest memories of these two athletes? What will you remember them for?