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TUF 18 Rivals Ken Shamrock/Tito Ortiz Hatred


According to Dana White, the next season of The Ultimate Fighter could be the best one to date. We haven’t heard anything about explosive knock outs or submissions. It’s the drama between rivals Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate that will be worth watching. Dana is stating that its close to Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz in terms to the drama and hatred that these women have for each other.

“It’s going exactly the way you’d expect it to be going, bad! I’m dead serious. Miesha and Ronda hate each other. It’s literally crazy drama every day. It’s irritating. It’s Ken-Tito type stuff. I don’t even know if some of the stuff will make TV. It’s bad. Those two do not like each other and their camps do not like each other. And it’s just pure fucking mayhem every day.”

Sounds about right. Both of these athletes know how to make compelling television. Their fight bout was one of the most successful main events for Strikeforce and by adding their time on The Ultimate Fighter, it will surely do great numbers again.

Cat Zingano was originally supposed to coach TUF 18 with Ronda Rousey but a knee injury took her out of the coaching spot and the bout. Dana stated that she will get her title shot once she comes back from injury.

Will Miesha be able to get under Rousey’s skin. Who do you think will be a better coach on TUF this season? Make sure to watch to find out.