Anthony Pettis Wont Get Clearance For UFC 164


As much as we would like to see Anthony Pettis finally get his much deserved title shot against either Benson Henderson or Jose Also. Unfortunately, the knee injury he sustained will push him back at least 6 weeks.

Anthony Pettis has competed against Benson Henderson before, defeating the then WEC champion at WEC 53. Winning the WEC lightweight championship and winning the final main event for the WEC. There’s certainly no love lost between the two and a rematch seems inevitable at this point. Both superstars have looked amazing since joining the UFC and a match with them would be the most marketable because of their history.

He was suppose to compete against Jose Aldo at UFC in Brazil. A bout that most fans and media felt would be a huge test for the champion Aldo and a great event for Brazil.

Where does Pettis go from here? Does he still decide to go back to featherweight once he’s healed or does he go back to his natural weight of lightweight and work his way up to Benson Henderson? Both bouts are certainly intriguing but it may be best to go back to lightweight.

As much as we would of loved to see Pettis take on Jose Aldo, the featherweight division is slowly developing their own stars in that division and a bout with Henderson makes the most sense for both of their careers.

Unless TJ Grant has something to say about it.