Constructing A UFC Superstar


Every sport has a superstar and there’s a certain way to construct such a thing, what would be the parts used to create a UFC Superstar?

Professional athletes walk a fine line when it comes to superstardom. One minute they’re on the top and the next thing you know it, they’ve disappeared into the has-beens.

MMA has the same thing. Fighters dealing with multiple sponsors, media appearances and the public’s eye. They’re no different. All while trying to make that winning number go forever higher.

But the ones that make it to that say, “It’s harder to keep the belt than it is to get it in the first place.”

Many have tried and some very close to it, but there still hasn’t been that one fighter who’s really made it to superstar like Michael Jordan did with basketball.

So what parts are needed to create a UFC Superstar?

Lets start with Professionalism. We’ll take that part from George St. Pierre

GSP is always respectful of his opponents and attentive to company needs. He’s suave and sophisitcated with a suit and tie look.

All parts of this would put taken: Professionalism, work ethic and business oriented.

Now the outside, we’ll snag Athleticism from Jon Jones. 

This guy’s reach and height are nothign to be messed with. It gives our Superstar dexterity and lighting speed. His fights are ended in ways that everyone, man or woman, would talk about it over the water cooler.

Some Raw Talent is next to be constructed taken from BJ Penn.

Fluid movements create a visual that even someone who knows nothing of MMA would think to be a spectacular sight. Penn was the first American to win the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship as well as number 1 in two weight divisions. “The Prodigy” is something we take and replicate to go above and beyond with our Superstar.

Onto the media, we’ll take parts from Rhonda Rousey and her Magnetism

This chick gets coverage by the media, she’ll cull fans from places never thought of for MMA. Her interviews are some of the most watched. This would be essential to our Superstar. The media can make or break you. She was the one who took a whole new subset and made it popular on TV.

And of course finish it all off with Chael Sonnen and his Wit

This fighter can sell a fight, period. He’s someone people love to hate and hate to love. He’s quotable and self promotable. This is something that a Superstar UFC fighter has to have when the cameras turn on and all ear are on them.

Now this isn’t at all impossible to have all these parts constructed together. Might sound a bit far fetched but it wasn’t like we saw Jon Jones coming. Somewhere there’s a guy or girl training and striving to make themselves into that UFC Superstar fighter. Hungry for it.

What do you think are essential parts to construct the UFC Superstar?