Chael Sonnen’s Outburst On Lebron James And More


Chael Sonnen gave his opinion on Lebron James a week ago on The Jim Rome Show on the Showtime Network, but why is he going after Lebron all of a sudden?

Was he just being Chael Sonnen? Is there more to this story? It seems that Chael Sonnen not caring for Lebron hits on Sonnen’s softer side. Heres the interview with Sonnen:

What prompted you to call LeBron James a dork on the Jim Rome show? Is there any sort of history between the two of you?

“His name being brought up prompted it. He makesUrkel look cool. I would have liked to call him a twat, but they changed subjects. 

Let me tell you a story about LeBron. He asked the UFC for tickets for my fight againstAnderson Silva. We sit the guy front row, and all through the night he snubs our fans. He’s a guest in our house and he refuses to sign any autographs or take any pictures unless your cup size was later in the alphabet than he was able to learn. 

And from what I understand, he thinks the letter purple comes after C. This guy walked up to my fiancee backstage and asks her if there’s a Tic Tac in her blouse or if she was just happy to see him. 

I had a UFC employee tell me he saw a mother wheel her handicapped child up to him to get a picture. Lebron was walking towards them. When he reached the kid, the mother stopped the wheelchair. Lebron took the wheelchair, wheeled it out of the way and kept walking. 

I’d like to slap the divots right off his face.”

Awe, Sonnen really does care. If this is true, what he said Lebron did, then Sonnen is acting from the heart you might say.

He went on to answer more questions on how there are no real world championships recognized in any other sports and of course who would win at UFC 200: Sonnen Vs. James

You’ve told me in the past that you don’t follow any of the major sports. Is that still true, or have you started watching anything outside of MMA and wrestling?

“There’s a few great websites I frequent, but we’ll leave that between me and the NSA.” 

You also said that you don’t believe the NBA, or any other sporting league that’s contested solely in the United States, is truly contesting a world title in their championships. In your mind, which major sports can truly claim to crown a real world champion?

“And I’m right. Football, out. Baseball, out. Hockey, out. I don’t even think their champions are recognized in warm weather states, let alone around the world. Basketball, out. I’ve seen more heart in the kids playing on the cul-de-sac than in the NBA. So where does that leave us?”

You versus LeBron James at UFC 200. Who wins the fight, and how?

He’d run away faster than his hairline. His hair went North, his talents went South, and his mother went West.”