Dana White Talks About Pretorian Ban


Dana White speaks up about why UFC banned the very popular Brazilian MMA brand.

Being an MMA brand is a tough biz to be in. The whole cycle is a big circle. Clothing companies spend money to sponsor fighters in hopes that they will sell more articles of clothing to make more money, in turn they spend that money made to sponsor more fighters.

The drop rate on brands is very high, they fail all the time. It’s no surprise to anyone when another company falls off the MMA map. It’s Petorian’s turn now, here’s what was put out initially:

“MMA managers were sent a memo from the UFC at the weekend telling them that the brand and its associated logos are no longer permitted to be worn inside the Octagon or during any of a fighter’s official UFC undertakings.”

There was no reason as to why this was happening, the brand is very popular among Brazilian fighters, a region becoming immensely popular in the MMA biz recently. So why would they ban such a popular brand? Dana White has finally commented on the subject.

“I just didn’t know if we wanted to talk about that publicly. We weren’t stopping Pretorian from anything … um … Pretorian owes us a lot of money. Yeah. They haven’t paid. So that’s the story.”

So there it is… Money. The UFC is well known for its sponsorship tax on those wanting their names on the Octagon. It acts with smaller companies paying less while larger ones shell out more dough. Not sure exactly where Pretorian stands in this situation, it’s safe to say they were on the higher end considering the UFC is use to dealing with large sums of money.

Pretorian released this statement about their release from UFC:

“With the growth and expansion of the brand it has become necessary to define a strategy for wider communication and targeting to athletes via diversified events in order to keep the momentum of the sport in the country. Thus Pretorian will now start a new cycle of investments aiming to democratize and broaden its focus in other combat sports like jiu-jitsu, muay-thai, boxing, karate and other martial arts, base events, athletes of all levels, teams and national academies.”