Chael Sonnen Believes Weidman Can Take The Gold From Anderson Silva


Chael Sonnen has joined on the Chris Weidman hype train, believe that he’s the one to dethrone the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.  Chael recently discussed his thoughts on the bout that takes place at UFC 162 in Las Vegas during UFC tonight:

“You don’t have to look to far to realize Chris Weidman has the exact skill set to beat Anderson Silva,” Sonnen declared on Tuesday’s edition of UFC Tonight. “And he’s also got it upstairs. He’s been in tough matches.

“He has a better top game, at least submission-wise, than I do, and I was able to have some success for several minutes with Andersonfrom that position.”

 He also had some semi encouraging words to say about Anderson Silva and if he’s victorious fourth of July weekend.

“Let’s also understand,” said Sonnen, “if Anderson Silva wins this fight, the debate ends. He is the best fighter of all time.”

Is there too much hype going for Chris Weidman, or is the biggest threat to Anderson Silva? Can he beat the man that’s been unbeatable during his long tenured stint in the UFC?

A lot can happen in this bout and anything can happen in the world of mixed martial arts. This fight can end up playing spoiler to a few superfights that we’re looking forward to or it can be another emphatic beat down by the greatest middleweight of all time.

One thing we can tell you is this. Don’t miss out on this explosive bout. There’s a lot riding on the outcome of this bout and it can drastically change the MMA world as we know it.