New York Says No To MMA For Fourth Consecutive Year


Looks like mixed martial arts will have to wait another year to try and make its way to New York. For the fourth consecutive year, MMA has been rejected by legislation. New York is the only state that refused to allow mixed martial arts in their state.

Lorenzo Fertitta gave his statement on the whole fiasco of New York saying no to MMA.

“We also feel bad for New York’s arenas—large and small, particularly those upstate—that are struggling and have worked alongside us to pass the legislation. I guess New York’s loss will continue to be New Jersey’s, Massachusetts’, Pennsylvania’s and Toronto’s gain.”

Earlier this year, Connecticut and all of Canada lifted their ban on mixed martial arts. The UFC has been doing a great job trying to get everyone and every country on board to produce amazing events and help the economy in that surrounding area.

Unfortunately, New York seems to be a dead cause. How great would it be for fighters Jon Jones and Matt Serra to compete in their home state? It would no doubt be a huge event and would do only good for the state.

When it comes to Dana White, there’s no doubt that he’ll continue to pursue legislation in New York until it comes a reality. It might not happen anytime soon but Zuffa will not stop until they bring the octagon to the great fans of New York.