Vitor Belfort: I Deserve Silva Weidman Winner


Vitor Belfort will be watching UFC 162 with extreme interest. He’s one of the last middleweight contenders available that is deserving of a shot. He’s currently coming off two wins against top competition Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping. His only losses during his current stint in the UFC are Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Nothing to be ashamed about.

“I don’t think it’s time to ask; I think it’s time to earn. That’s my ethic in life. Life is about earning. Sometimes in life, you look at very rich guys who have been given everything, and they wind up crashing. They lose their family’s fortune. They didn’t know how to keep it because they didn’t earn it. That’s how I go through life.” 

“Everyone is about fighting for the title, and they want to get themselves there by selling fights, picking fights, talking trash on Twitter,” Belfort says. “I’m not saying they’re wrong. It’s a style. I’m not criticizing or judging them, because I don’t have that right.”But I have the right to work hard and to ask people to recognize that work. That’s the way I want to get to the top, and I believe I made it. I believe I’ve done everything necessary.”

Vitor makes a strong point into earning his title shot. Do people want to see him compete against Anderson Silva again? The first fight wasn’t much of a fight for the champion but it all depends if he defeats Chris Weidman.

Brazil would be the perfect location for a bout like that. What do you guys think?