Charles Oliveira And His Moment At UFC 162


Charles Oliveira has a great opportunity at UFC 162. He’s part of the co-main event of perhaps the biggest UFC event this year. Anytime you have Anderson Silva on the card, you know people are going to be watching. Especially when there’s plenty of fighters and media thinking that Chris Weidman could be Silva’s biggest test to date. People will be watching and Oliveira could make some headlines this weekend if he’s victorious against Frankie Edgar.

Oliveira is the underdog and we can’t deny that claim. Frankie has had more of the big name opponents and he’s a former UFC lightweight champion. He has more to gain out of this fight then Frankie does.

One thing people seem to forget is that Oliveira has looked good since his drop to the featherweight division. Sure, he’s coming off a loss to Cub Swanson but he’s a top fight featherweight. This is easily the most important fight of his career.

Frankie is currently on a three fight losing streak but even with those losses, his career is still intact. Two extremely close title shots against Benson Henderson and losing to featherweight champion Jose Aldo is nothing to be ashamed of. Another loss here though would spell the end of his time as a future title contender.

UFC 162 could end up being known as the card where the underdogs came out on top. The co-main event between Oliveira and Edgar could end up being the catalyst of the event. Anything can happen in mixed martial arts. We will just have to wait and see.