Boston Might Be Banning Foreign-Born Fighters For UFC on Fox Sports 1


Houston, we have a problem. Actually a better term for it is Boston, we  have a problem. Looks like the first UFC on Fox Sports 1 card is in some serious jeopardy. Looks like there’s actually a ban of foreign fighters being able to compete in mixed martial arts in Boston. You would think that the UFC would of known about this situation before having two foreign based fighters in the co-main and main event of your first show on Fox Sports 1.

Terrell Harris of the state Department of Public Safety had to say this about the situation:

“This law has been in existence since we legalized mixed martial arts in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s been brought to the attention of the UFC more than a few times since we legalized the fighting here. But they’ve chosen basically to ignore the law and hope that they could skirt it somehow. When they bring in fighters that are not American citizens, there are exceptions that 
allow them to obtain a Social Security number. The Social Security 
Administration will issue a temporary work visa but it’s up to them to do 
their due diligence.”

Looks like this wont go over well for the Zuffa brass. It makes sense though because of the current bombing at the Boston Marathan. They are a little more cautious and skeptical for the time being.

Dana thinks that he can just work some magic button or persuade them someway. Not going to happen that way. What the UFC does from here will be certainly interesting. We will keep you posted.