Is It Time For Roy Nelson To Drop To 205?


Roy Nelson loss to Stipe Miocic from this past weekends UFC 161 event asks the question. Should Big Country make his way down to light heavyweight? Dana White has always been extremely critical of Roy Nelson. The beard, the gut, and the mullet. Should he try to please the Zuffa brass by cleaning up a little bit and making a permanent move to the light heavyweight division.

There’s no denying that he can make the move to 205. There are plenty of unique opportunities for him if he does decide to go down in weight. Matches against Chael Sonnen, Shogun Rua, Rashad Evans, and Dan Henderson would all be terrific bouts.

Dana White even claimed that Nelson stated that he was having problems getting sponsorships for his bouts. Wonder why? Dana said it best. Its hard for companies to want to sponsor an athlete that isn’t necessarily clean cut or doesn’t have the physical built that usually associates with the term of mixed martial artist.

There’s been some questions in regards to Roy Nelson’s future as an UFC employee. If he’s willing to make those changes, there would be no problem with Dana White and the Fertitta brothers making another offer for Big Country to come back.

Is this the last time we see Roy Nelson in the UFC? Hopefully not. But deciding to finally make the right choices to help keep his employers happy would go a long way to finally having a healthy and successful relationship for years to come.

  • WalnutCreekScott

    Roy doesn’t give a crap about anything. He doesn’t listen to his wife. He insists on the most God-awful hair on his head and face. He came into this latest fight, with his future on the line, totally out of shape and was gassed after the first round. Roy used to be a decent fighter, but now he doesn’t care about anything.

    • Joshua

      If he ever wants a title shot. he should try to hit up mike dolce and go to light heavyweight. if he wants to stay in the UFC. i agree. he did come out gassed. It’s unfortunate because if he lived up to his full potential, he would be one bad dude.

    • Some fighters are one hit wonders… they have one tool and use it to death. (the death of their career usually) Yeah he did take the fight on short notice but that doesn’t excuse him for being gassed after the first round. If you’re gonna call yourself a fighter you should be in good enough shape to make it through, at minimum, three 5 minute rounds. None of my coaches would have it any other way and I can’t imagine a good trainer saying otherwise.