What’s Next For Rashad Evans After UFC 161?


Rashad Evans was able to get the much needed victory at UFC 161. As much as fans would love for him to drop to the middleweight division. He already stated that he’s going to stay at 205 and try to work his way back up to Jon Jones again. What fights make the most sense for him currently? He’s in a very interesting position. He’s definitely part of the elite of the light heavyweight division, but unfortunately he’s only won 1 of his last 3 bouts. Where does the man known as “Suga” go from here?

Most of the current ranked light heavyweights have had their bouts with Rashad. Only a few left that make the most sense in his career. The winner of Shogun Rua and Chael Sonnen would be a great fight for both competitors, but if he wants to make a run for the belt. Neither one of them makes sense. They are nowhere near the title picture for their division.

A rematch with Lyoto Machida would also be a great fighter for Evans. They competed once against each other back at UFC 98, with Machida getting the upper hand and defeating Evans by knock out. Now might be the time to see if he can exact revenge and erase that bitter loss. Machida is still ranked as the number one light heavyweight outside of Jon Jones and a victory for Evans would help move him in the right direction.

The bout that makes the most sense is Glover Teixeira. He’s been on a roll since making his promotional debut at UFC 146. He’s considered one of the last contenders in the light heavyweight division and its a win-win for both fighters. If glover wins, then he earns his title shot. If Evans wins, then he proved that he’s ready for another shot at gold or at worst a contenders bout.

What do you guys think? Who as an opponent makes sense for Rashad Evans?