Former UFC Fighter Paul Kelly Headed To Prison


Paul Kelly, former UFC fighter, is headed to prison for 13 years.

Kelly got caught for heroin trafficking in his home country of England. He last fought back in 2011 losing to Donald Cerrione. That was the last time we saw him in the UFC.

The fighter got arrested last year being a connection to a drug ring, since then he’s actually been accused of being the mastermind to the whole thing! He was found guilty in May for heroin trafficking and will sit in a cell for 13 years.

Judge Mark Brown had this to say about Kelly:

“You are an individual who has traveled widely in the course of MMA and as such would have contacts abroad.  It is significant that the seizures involved large amounts of import quality heroin.  In my judgment you decided to supply Class A drugs when your contract with UFC was terminated.  You obviously enjoyed the high life and saw selling heroin as a way to make easy money.”

Seems like a great alternative to MMA, drug trafficking. I hear there’s good money in it. Kelly made up to 100,000 Euros a year when he was fighting. Not sure what the is compared to his drug money though.

Being sent to prison for 13 years will be the end of his fighting career unless he’s able to get our on parole or get the sentence overturned. His legal team hasn’t made any comments on weither they are filing for an appeal or seeking other legal actions to fight the sentencing.